Everyday Simplicity: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Growth

Everyday Simplicity: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Growth. . . With profound wisdom and gentle unassuming manner, Everyday Simplicity, can help you get started on the spiritual life and sustain it . . .”
William A. Barry, Author of Finding God in All Things



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Getting a life of any kind is hard enough in a world that has us going around in circles—from the stresses of our workplace to the demands of home and back again tomorrow. Getting a spiritual life can seem like a luxury to be put off to another, quieter time. Robert Wicks, however, believes that the search for a spiritual life begins not in some exotic, unreachable place, but right where we are—in the midst of all the craziness. It starts within our busy, stressed-out human hearts, not in some other “more spiritual” place. The more we are able, therefore, to be our true selves, the more successful we will be in developing a spirituality that will be real and satisfying. Here’s solid, common sense advice on how to get a spiritual life—no matter how busy your day. Perfect for beginning spiritual seekers and a welcome companion for continuing pilgrims.

Reflections from Dr. Wicks on Everyday Simplicity (Sorin Books)

Of all that I have written, the response to this book has been the greatest surprise to me.  It is a  basic work on the spiritual life and has turned out to be my most popular work.  One of the finest leaders in Catholic education that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with told me a story about this book.  He was very encouraging to me and his comments may offer an insight into its wide reception.  He said, “I teach a course on educational leadership and at a certain point I tell the teachers that if they wish to be fine Catholic leaders they must have a strong inner life.  However, I add, that I am sure they have heard this before but no one goes on to tell them how to develop such a sound spirituality but that I am going to do just that and then I give each of them a copy of your book Everyday Simplicity.”