Bounce: Living the Resilient Life

Bounce: Living the Resilient Life. . . Reading Bounce is like having ongoing conversations with a trustworthy and savvy mentor who not only fosters and personalizes the change process, but leads us past our fears and resistances about changing.”
Len Sperry, MD, PhD
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine Medical College of Wisconsin

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Stress is a fact of modern life. And as more people and more people face greater financial insecurity, longer work hours, and the increasingly complex personal and social demands of our fast-paced, multi-tasking, high-tech lifestyle, finding healthy ways to handle stress is more important than ever. In this book, Robert Wicks shows you not just how to manage stress, but how to transform opportunities to live a more meaningful, self-aware, and compassionate life. A wide range of methods–normally reserved for those in the helping and healing professions–are offered to help you bounce back from stress and live life to the fullest.

Reflections from Dr. Wicks on Bounce (Oxford University Press)

Bounce addresses the topics of resilience, self-care, deepening self-knowledge, understanding the new movement in positive psychology, mindfulness, and stress prevention. I wrote this book for the general public, because of the positive feedback from two preceding works published by Oxford University Press including Overcoming Secondary Stress in Medical and Nursing Practice for healthcare professionals and The Resilient Clinician created for psychotherapists and counselors.

After speaking about the prevention of secondary stress (the pressures experienced by those reaching out to others), I wanted to finally put in writing my thoughts about this challenging topic. I worked very hard to provide relevant insights and offer practical applications for the reader which resulted in an information-packed book. I am pleased that it has received a wide readership from the public as well as professionals in health care, the military, ministry, education, social work, lawyers, and corporate leaders.