Crossing the Desert: Learning to Let Go, See Clearly, and Live Simply

Crossing the Desert
“An excellent, concise guide.”
Publishers Weekly

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Robert J. Wicks, noted psychologist and best-selling author of Riding the Dragon and Everyday Simplicity, offers an insightful guide on how the wisdom of the ancient desert monks can help contemporary readers grow in personal freedom and authenticity. Exploring the early Christian monastic movement of the Desert Fathers and Mothers through a psychological lens, Dr. Wicks uses their wisdom to guide readers towards humility and freedom. In the same way the desert sages never gave answers, but always asked questions, Crossing the Desert presents readers with the Four Desert Questions that will lead them to take Three Steps to Inner Freedom.

Reflections from Dr. Wicks on Crossing the Desert (Sorin Books)

Once of the most fascinating group of spiritual guides in history was the fourth and fifth century Fathers (Abbas) and Mothers (Ammas) of the fourth century Persian and Northern African deserts.  They didn’t want their perspective to be dominated by the culture of the time and instead sought simplicity and purity of heart.  Their sayings have been passed down until today and have the power to awaken us to how we are often dominated by habit, unrealized false beliefs, and the chains of modernism.  In Crossing the Desert,  I wanted to communicate what I felt was the essence of their message as well as address the topic of spiritual mentorship—both receiving and offering it.  (I have also written a book specifically on psychological mentorship entitled Sharing Wisdom.  It is published by Crossroad Books.)